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Il Rettore Aurelio Tommasetti

Aurelio Tommasetti has been Rector of the University of Salerno since November 2013. He graduated from the University of Naples “Federico II” in March 1989 and pursued his academic career at the University of Salerno as a researcher, (1996), becoming an associate professor (2001) and finally a full tenured professor (2005).

He is a member of SIDREA, Italian Teachers of Accounting and Business Economics, and AIDEA, The Italian Academy of Business Economics. He has been an advisor on the Board of Governors at the University of Salerno, chairman of the consortium “Osservatorio dell’Appenino Meridionale” and director of Master Mundis at the University of Salerno. He has also been member and chairman of the Evaluation Unit of ADISU, Salerno, and member of the Assets Commission of the foundation CARISAL. In addition he has been director of the Department of Business Studies and Research –Management and Information Technology- and in charge of the Sustainability Report for the University of Salerno (I and II editions).

Since 2009 he has been a member of the Scientific Committee for the Master’s DAOSAN and, since 2011, chairman of the Scientific Committee for the university specialist course, Wine Business. In September 2013 , he was awarded an honorary degree in Economics at the Universidad Catòlica de Colombia.

At the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo (Mozambique), with the University of Rome and the World Bank he taught Gestào de sistemas de informaçào (in Portuguese), for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the University of Basilicata, he taught Analysis and Cost Accounting, and Cdl in Business Economics. At the University of Naples “Federico II”, he was a lecturer in Financial and Business Analysis for the Tourism Industry for the managerial specialization of Tourism Science; Business and Financial Analysis for the Master’s in Health Management; Business Management for an Advanced course for Health personnel, Institute of Hygiene and Preventative Medicine; Inflation Accounting for the Advanced course in European Accounting. At the Second University of Naples, he taught Business for the Tourism Industry for the second level of the University Master’s in the Politics of Sustainable Tourism.

At the University of Salerno, he taught Accounting and Budget in the public sector for the Master’s in Public Administration (MPA); Accounting and Budget for the scholastic institutions for Master Mundis,; Auditing and Control for the Master ‘s degree in Business Consultancy and General and Applied Accounting – in Business Economics; Accounting and Budget in the health sector and Business Management in the Health Sector and Hospitals for the Master’s in Management of the Health Sector Organizations and Companies (DAOSAN), Business Economics for Business Economics, and Accounting and Budget in the Public Sector for Economics and Management in the Public Sector.

He has also been Management consultant and trainer for companies and organizations in the public sector.

His experience at international level includes participation in cooperation projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Angola (Research and Analysis of the Training Needs relative to the reform of the Public Administration in cooperation with the Ministeiro da Administraçao Publica, Emprego e Segurança Social-MAPESS) and in Mozambique (Research and Consultancy on the subject of the Modernisation of the Public Administration and Analysis of the SME sector in Mozambique, Capacity Building project of the World Bank). He participated in ESF projects on new Business management systems at the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin, and he was the Coordinator of the Smart Tunnel project, PON “Research and Competitivity”, for the University of Salerno and for the project MUNIC at the Centre for International and Regional Cooperation for Local Economies.