23rd International Conference on Mechatronics Technology

ICMT 2019 23rd International Conference on Mechatronics Technology

23rd International Conference on Mechatronics Technology

October 23rd – 26th, 2019 at Fisciano Campus, University of Salerno, Italy

Scope of the Conference

The aim of this conference is to allow participants an opportunity to discuss, exchange recent developments, new ideas and share their research experiences in the field of Mechatronics technology.

The conference will be featuring invited speakers as well as consisting of oral presentations and contributed posters covered a wide range of topics and issues on specific themes.

The 23rd edition of ICMT conference is jointly organized by University of Salerno and University of Warwick. ICMT 2019 will be held at Fisciano Campus of University of Salerno, Italy, on October 23-26 2019.

Technical Sessions

Prospective authors are invited to electronically submit full regular papers of their work. Link to registration procedure, paper submission system, instructions, and important dates are available at conference website:


The topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the followings:

Advanced Mechatronics Devices, Sensing and Control

Robotics, Robot factory, Mobile Robots, Motion control, Intelligent Mechanism, Parallel Mechanisms in Machine Tools, Man-Machine Interfaces, Sensors, Computer Vision and Recognition, Automated Navigation, Modeling, Tele-operation, Intelligent and Advanced Control, Adaptive Control, Artificial Intelligence, Precision Control

Smart Actuators and Materials

Actuators using Functional Fluid, SMA Actuators, Piezo-Electric Actuators, Electro-Static Actuators, Magneto-Strictive Actuators, Smart Materials and Structures: Ionic Polymer–Metal Composites, Dielectric ElectroActive Polymer

MEMS/NEMS and Micro/Nano-Manufacturing

Precision Mechatronics, Micro/Nano-Electro Mechanical Systems, Opto-Mechatronics, Ultra-High Precision Machining, Focus Ion Beam Manufacturing

Precision Measuring Technology

Dimensional Measurement, Micro/Nano Measurement, Ultra High Precision Positioning, Optical and Laser Technology, Scanning Probe Microscopy Technology, Measurement for Extreme Environments, Precision Instrumentation, Metrology

Production Systems

Automation Science and Technology, Intelligent Machine Tools, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Agile Manufacturing, Production Planning and Control, Fault Monitoring & Diagnosis, e-Maintenance, e-Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Remote Manufacturing with Internet, Free Form Surface Machining

Sustainable Transport and Energy Systems

Automotive Hybridization and Electrification, Vehicle Lightweight Materials and Structures, High Power Energy Storage Systems and Integration, Advanced Propulsion Technologies and Energy Saving Options, System Modelling and Real-Time Estimation, Energy Management Strategies and Optimization

Mechatronics as an Enabler for Innovative and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Telematics, Big Data Mining, Deep Leaning, Smart, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Renewable Energy and Smart Grid

Sustainable Energy Resources, Energy Conversion Devices, Control Technologies, Energy Generation

Bioengineering and Mechatronics Applications in Life Sciences

Biosensors, Biochip Manipulation, Medical equipment, Human-Friendly Mechatronics, Human Adaptive Mechatronics, Life Cycle Design, Recycle Technology, Ecological Design and Production

Information and Networking

Network-Based Control Systems, Real-Time Systems, Embedded Systems, Self-Configuring Wireless Sensor Networks

Human Resource Development and Education on Mechatronics Technology

Strategy on Mechatronics Technology, Mechatronics Education, Computer-Aided Instruction, Virtual reality Applications on Education, Policy and Strategy Studies

Internet in Industry 4.0

Internet of Things, Internet based Manufacturing, AI, Super Smart Society

Composite and Polymer Materials

Advanced Composite for smart devices, polymer for light structures in mechatronic and automation systems, smart integration of polymers in actuators, sensors and manufacturing technologies

Conference Program

Wed, 23rd October

Registration and Welcome party

Thu, 24th October

Opening ceremony

Keynote Speeches and Technical sessions

International Steering Committee Meeting

Fri, 25th October

Keynote Speeches and Technical sessions

Gala dinner

Sat, 26th October

Conference tours

Publication and Awards

Prospective authors are invited to electronically submit full regular papers of their work. Link to submission system is provided at conference website


Accepted papers must be presented at the conference. The final manuscript must be accompanied by a registration form and registration fee payment proof. Accepted papers duly presented during the conference will be submitted to inclusion in IEEE Xplore online digital library and EI Compendex database.

Poster papers should follow exactly the required format for full regular papers. In addition after submitting poster papers, the authors are requested to email promptly the conference secretariat (icmt2019@unisa.it) to ask for poster presentation by citing to the paper titles and submission numbers.

Before submission, please familiarise yourself with the following IEEE authorship guidelines and policies:

IEEE authorship guidelines

IEEE Policy on Plagiarism

IEEE Policy on Double Submission

International Steering Committee

Australia: Gursel Alici, John Billingsley, Saeid Nahavandi, Bijan Shirinzadeh

Canada: Greg Baiden, Yassiah Bissiri

China: Zengqi Sun, Guozheng Yan, Zhaoyao Shi, Xudong Kang, Dazhi Wang

Greece: Kalogiannakis Michail

Hungary: Somlo Janos, Imre J. Rudas

Italy: Adolfo Senatore, Giuseppe Quaglia

Japan: Nobuyuki Iwatsuki, Mamoru Mitsuishi, Naoki Asakawa, Tadahiko Shinshi

Korea: Kyoung Kwan Ahn, Soon Young Yang, Byung Ryong Lee, Young Jin Yum, Jung Ho Park

Malaysia: Shamsudin Hj, Mohd Amin

Mexico: Jesús Manuel Dorador-González, José E.V. Soto, Eduardo C. Castaneda

Philippines: Feliciano H. Japitana, Elmer P. Dadios

Singapore: Loke-Chong Lee, Ser-Yong Lim, Danwei Wang Marcelo H. Ang. Jr.

Taiwan: Kuang-Chao Fan, Fang-Jung Shiou, Yung-Tien Liu

Thailand: M. Parnichkun, Nitin Afzulpurker

Turkey: Okyay Kaynak, Dante J. Dorantes-Gonzale

UK: Truong Quang Dinh, Robert Parkin, Mike Jackson

USA: Jay Lee, Oussama Khatib, Kazuo Yamazaki, Chia-Hsiang Menq

Vietnam: Quoc Thanh Truong, Pham Huy Anh Ho, Khoa Son Nguyen, Si Thai Dau

Local Organizing Committee

Co-chairs: Adolfo Senatore, Truong Q. Dinh

Members: Domenico Guida, Tony L. L. Lenza, Alessandro Ruggiero, Pierluigi Siano, Marco Claudio De Simone, Carmine Maria Pappalardo, Mojtaba Sharifzadeh, Alex De Simone, Veronica D’Urso, Oday I. Abdullah, Marko Milosevic, James Marco, Truong Bui Ngoc Minh, Andrew McGordon, Dhammika Widanalage


E-mail: icmt2019@unisa.it

Please visit conference website for detailed information: www.icmt2019.org


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