Patents Overview

Patent overview

The aim of the University of Salerno is to promote the development of local businesses and as a result, it has promoted activities aimed at technology transfer as well as encouraging the creation of patents in different scientific and technological fields in order to encourage entrepreneurial competitiveness. With this in mind, the University is contributing to an increasing, innovative use of limited and share based companies, interested in local enterprise, based on the results of their research and/or on their development of new products or services. The University believes that its relationship with the local area can be developed further by strengthening technology transfer activities, creating partnerships with local businesses, and ‘incubating’ and creating new companies. This can be achieved by being dedicated to improving health issues and making full use of the historical and artistic heritage of the area. The University is committed to the natural and cultural development of the local environment.

In order to provide full administrative, academic and legal support regarding technology transfer, the University provides intellectual, technological and practical support. Its aim is to deal with all aspects concerning patent portfolios as well as identifying new methods of fund raising to encourage innovative research. Moreover, it encourages the development of new patents and their subsequent application.

To promote and protect the intellectual rights of work carried out in the research laboratories at the University of Salerno, the University keeps an accurate, up-to-date record of its recognized patents and trademarks and initiates collaboration with local authorities and international companies. Patents and trademarks issued to the University of Salerno can be found in various areas of technology, especially in the fields of Chemistry and New Materials . Listed below are patents which have been issued in the fields of electronic, energetic and environment technology. The portfolio share with high-growth potential, i.e. easily exploitable for up to 5 years, is 33% of the total share and therefore in line with current observations on existing portfolios.

In 2014 the Patent, Spin-off and Transfer Technology Commission was founded. This commission is in charge of promoting the University of Salerno’s patent portfolio. Maximum publicity  for the patents is achieved by means of market research thus bringing them to the attention of all companies with a potential interest.