Spin offs Overview

Spin-off overview

With a view to enhancing technology transfer processes, the University of Salerno assesses and monitors opportunities for Venture Capital operations aiming to  develop innovative high added value business initiatives (spin-offs).  

Consequently, the University aims to consolidate links between  the academic community and the business world in order to promote awareness in both sectors of the reciprocal networking opportunities for development and further expansion. This is achieved by collaborating with individuals and companies outside the university who specialize in technology transfer. 

In 2006, a signed agreement between Sviluppo Italia Campania Spa  and the University of Salerno led to  the creation of an incubator for  innovative enterprise. This Incubator is designed to guide  local entrepreneurs, promote  research and development  and to support  academic spin-offs. The Incubator's mission is to foster the creation of high-tech enterprise in and around  Salerno. 

In 2012 the ‘Spin off Regulations’ document was also drawn up by the University of Salerno.  This documents  regulates  activities related to technology transfer and contains the procedures to be implemented in scientific and technological research in academic spin-offs. 

In the afore-mentioned document, the rules and regulations are laid down for the University of Salerno's collaboration in share-based or limited companies whose aim is to use research results and the development of new products and services in the business world in innovative ways.  The document underlines the difference between ‘Spin offs’ where the University of Salerno is an active participant, i.e. where the University is an active partner with share-based or limited companies, and ‘Spin-offs’ approved by the University of Salerno  where the university has no economic gain from the share-based or limited companies involved. 

In 2014, the Integrated Patents, Spin-offs, and Technology Transfer Commission was set up. 

This commission is in charge of promoting the University of Salerno’s patent portfolio. Maximum publicity for the patents is achieved by means of market research thus bringing them to the attention of all companies with a potential interest.