Access to the Campuses

Online Services Access to the Campuses

All persons who, for any reason, enter UNISA campuses are required to register their presence in order to allow any COVID tracking activities. To this end, it is necessary to have a personal QR code, as described below; the QR code must then be shown at the appropriate readers every time one enters the campuses.


Internal staff (lecturers, researchers, PTA, scholarship holders, contract workers, research grant holders, contracted collaborators or those with specific collaboration agreements) and students will have a permanent QR code at their disposal, the generation of which requires the completion of an online form available at the following URL: For PTA, the QR code can be used according to their own work organisation.


For external visitors and all those who for various reasons want/need access to the Campuses and who do not fall into the above category, the QR code will be temporary (the duration will be commensurate with the needs to be fulfilled on the Campuses) and can be requested using the online form available at the following URL:

Reservation of workstations (in classrooms, laboratories, libraries...)

It should be noted that, in order to gain access to University spaces with a limited number of people present at the same time on the basis of COVID capacity (such as classrooms, studies, laboratories, libraries, etc.), it is necessary to book a workstation through the software platforms already in use at the University (EasyPlanning and EasyLesson).

Appointment booking (at administrative offices)

Please note that, in the case of services that cannot be provided remotely, access to the University's administrative offices is by appointment only, to be agreed in advance by email with the office concerned.