External Visitors

Access to the Campuses External Visitors

External visitors who enter the campuses in any capacity are required to register their presence to allow for any COVID tracking activities. To this end, it is necessary to have a personal QR code by filling out the following form which requires the subscription of the ‘one’s own’ responsibility card.
The QR code must be scanned at the appropriate readers every time the campus is accessed (see the map below to see where the QR code readers are located).

NOTE: this form is reserved for external visitors; for internal staff and students, the university ensures a personal and permanent QR code is available at the following link:


I, the undersigned, hereby undertake to comply with the general measures in relation to access to the University's facilities described in detail in the "Security Protocol for preventing and combating COVID-19", available at the following link https://www.unisa.it/uploads/rescue/83/18819/circolare-covid-19-misure-1aprile2022-2-.pdf, on the subject of:

  • Self-assessment of health conditions
  • Personal hygiene
  • Maintaining appropriate interpersonal distances
  • Responsible social behaviour
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Covid19 green certification

To this end:

(*) = campo obbligatorio