Board of Governors Assignments

The Board of Governors has a strategic managerial role and monitors the financial sustainability of all the University’s activities. Its most important deliberations, subject to the approval of the Academic Senate concern:

  • the triennial and annual budget and financial report which are subsequently transmitted to the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and the Ministry of Economics and Finance;
  • the University’s triennial strategic plan;
  • the triennial and annual organization of human resources;
  • the University’s triennial and annual financial plan;
  • the setting up, modification and elimination of degree courses;
  • the setting up, modification and elimination of university bodies concerned with teaching, research and services;

Furthermore, the board of Governors is called to deliberate on:

  • the University’s building plan, assigning financial resources to the relative actions carried out
  • proposals put forward by the professors and researchers formally presented by the Departments

Finally, the Board of Governors exercises disciplinary powers over the University professors and researchers, and on the Rector’s request, confers the post of Managing Director, as well as deliberating the revocation or termination of this contract.

The composition of the Board of Governors is established in the Statute as follows:

  • the Rector who presides
  • four elected university teachers, each representing a different grouping of scientific subjects and other disciplines
  • two elected student representatives
  • an elected representative of the technical administrative staff
  • two members with recognized expertise in management and professional experience of the highest level, chosen by the Academic Senate through public advertising or indications from regional, national or international banking Foundations

The Managing Director also participates but has no right to vote.

It is established in the Statute that the mandate of members of the Board of Governors has a three year duration with the exception of the two yearly mandate of student representatives. The mandate can be consecutively renewed only once.