University Mission

The mission of the University of Salerno is to carry out research and educational programmes, developing links with the surrounding area while respecting the environment, with the aim of creating, enriching and, at the same time, offering a scientific, cultural heritage to students, enterprises, institutions and in general to the whole community.

In keeping with this mission and core values, which are a constant reference point, the institutional goals are as follows.

Institutional Goals

The university’s institutional goals are:

  • Research
  • Teaching and Education
  • Support for outstanding students and the diversely able
  • Development of the Campus as a community of individuals who share the same interests and values
  • Development of links with key players in the local area

Core Values

  • Secularism, pluralism, and independence from any ideological, political, and economic orientation
  • Freedom of thought, in research and in teaching
  • Equal educational and professional opportunities
  • Sustainable growth and development of the local area
  • Safeguarding the right to health care
  • Protection of the environment