Rector Assignments

The Rector represents the University and has a supervisory role. He is responsible for initiating, coordinating and the carrying out of all activities. In particular, he

  • calls and chairs the Academic Senate and the Board of Governors
  • monitors the functioning of the University and services offered
  • exercises disciplinary powers over professors, researchers and students, assisted by board meetings with the Deans
  • promulgates the Statute, University regulations and the internal regulations of individual bodies
  • ensures conformity with all the regulations governing the running of the university, including those concerning the legal status of personnel
  • arranges the annual working programme on the basis of the University’s Development Plan
  • stipulates all contracts and agreements with the exception of those regarding independent, decentralised organisations
  • presents periodical reports to the Ministry of Universities, Scientific Research and Technology, as required by law.
  • introduces emergency measures where necessary, reporting them to the Board of Governors or The Academic Senate for ratification at the following meeting
  • fulfills all over duties that are stipulated in the general norms regarding the organisation of the University, its Statute and regulations    

The (non-renewable) position of Rector lasts six years and is subject to election by full-time professors, members of the Faculty Boards and the Council of technical and administrative staff.

The Rector, in the exercise of their functions, relies on a Vice-Rector and delegates, chosen from the university professors.

The present Rector, Prof Aurelio Tommasetti, who took over from Prof. Raimondo Pasquino on 1 November 2013, is from the Faculty of Economics and already Director of the Department of Studies and Business Research. He will stand down on 31st October 2019.