Non EU citizens abroad

Enrollment Non EU citizens abroad


In order to make the procedure for pre-enrolment of non EU citizens easier during the COVID 19 emergency the Italian Ministry of University implemented an on line platform, called UNIVERSITALY ( where students will be able to apply to degree and master degree programs in Italy.

Once International students will be registered on the above platform, they will be able to access to all information about university course catalogue.

After choosing the degree/master degree program they will be able to pre-enrol to the program and upload all documents to be send to the University for the evaluation.

The University will be able to evaluate the applicant. Letter of eligibility is not required but can be uploaded if already issued by the University.

The Italian Representative abroad will start the procedure to issue the visa, only for candidates already accepted by the University.

Visa procedure will end within 30th November 2020. Visas will be used as soon as conditions related to COVID19 emergency will allow.

Resident abroad

Pre-enrolment pf no EU citizens resident abroad
The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research has published the dates for pre-enrolment of non-EU students resident abroad. Deadline is (to be defined)
Please note that this procedure takes place at the Italian diplomatic representantives in the country of residence of the candidate. Qualifications can be accompanied in alternative by ENIC-NARIC certification, by certification of official foreign institutions or by the declaration of value.

For further details about other required documents please address directly to the relevant Italian Representatives.
For more information please check the following website

General information

No EU citizens resident abroad may enrol in the first or subsequent years (in the case of a shortened course), according to the number of available places established yearly by the Departments for each course (see the Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca website).
Applicants holding five or four-year secondary school qualifications obtained at an Italian school abroad or with an international diploma may apply, through the competent Italian diplomatic authorities, outside the specific contingent.


The pre-enrolment application must be addressed to the Italian diplomatic authorities ( ) in the applicant's country of residence or where he obtained the qualification, during the period established yearly in the Ministry's notice.
In particular it is necessary to enclose the original of the secondary school qualification for the legal translation and relative declaration of equivalent value ("Dichiarazione di valore").
The secondary school qualifications considered valid for enrolment in Italy are those obtained at the end of a period of schooling of at least 12 years.
Applicants attending their last year at secondary school are accepted with reservation.
For diplomas obtained after less than 12 years of schooling, it is necessary to attach an academic qualification proving that students have completed university courses according the number of missing years.

Knowledge of Italian language - Academic year 2020-2021

Applicants to degree and master degree programs held in Italian must have a B2 level of Italian language. Unless they have a certificate for the required level they have to pass a test.

Due to Covid 19 emergency the Italian language test at the University of Salerno will take place on line on Wednesday 15th July 2020 using Zoom meetings platform.

After registering on the UNIVERSITALY platform and after being positively evaluated for admission to the degree/master degree program applicants will receive by email instructions to take part to the test. Admitted applicants will have to confirm their participation.