Single Courses

Enrollment Single Courses

Citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and San Marino Republic are given parity of treatment. In case of dual nationality, the Italian one is prevalent.
EU-citizens wherever resident can enrol at a university in Italy, provided they have a valid qualification.

Documents required

Applicants may enrol directly at the university, during the enrolment period (from 15th July to 30th September) submitting, besides the usual forms, the following documents:

  1. original secondary school qualification with a legal translation in Italian;
  2. declaration of equivalent value for the qualification, issued by the competent Italian diplomatic authority. This declaration must certify that the qualification has been obtained at the end of a period of schooling of at least 12 years and must indicate the final mark and relative mark range.
  3. if the diploma has been obtained after less than 12 years of schooling, it is necessary to attach an academic qualification proving that they have completed the missing years of university courses in their respective countries.