Academic Recognition

Enrollment at UNISA Academic Recognition

Italian citizens, EU and non-EU citizens regularly resident in Italy may apply for recognition of foreign academic qualification directly to the University. Non-EU citizens resident abroad apply through the UNIVERSITALY of the Ministry of University ( Non-EU citizens resident abroad, before obtaining recognition, must prove their knowledge of Italian. Application must be for a course currently held at the University.

Documents required:

  • application form drawn up as in the Annex A model, addressed to the Student Office (Ufficio Carriere) of the Department involved within the established deadline.
  • original secondary school qualification with legal translation * in Italian and declaration of equivalent value;
  • original academic qualification with legal translation* and declaration of equivalent value issued by the competent Italian diplomatic authority;
  • original degree certificate (transcript, etc.) issued by the university, listing all the courses attended and examinations passed, with legal translation*;
  • original detailed syllabuses of all the examinations passed during academic course on official paper or with the university stamp;
  • copy of identity card or passport;
  • two pictures (for non-EU citizens resident abroad one picture must be certified); Diploma supplement, if available, can be used to certify university curriculum. Applicants obtaining the full recognition of their academic qualification with the awarding of an Italian degree, must pay the sum of € 250,00. In the case of a shortened course, students must pay the fees established for the year of admission. If recognition is for the purpose of practicing a profession or for access to the Civil Services through public selection procedures, the competent authority is the Ministry who proposes it and the Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri issues the relative decree

The Centro Informazione Mobilità Equivalenze Accademiche (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Recognition) of the Rui Foundation helps those who are interested in gaining recognition of foreign qualifications; besides it promotes the free circulation of EU citizens and international mobility of students. The CIMEA operates on the basis of an agreement between the MUR and the Rui Foundation. In particular the CIMEA is authorised to give information to applicants interested in recognition for practicing pro- fessions or for access to the Civil Services through public selection procedures. Its web site can be visited at the address On this site it is possible to see the list of Authorities competent for the recognition of qualifications for practicing the different professions.
* Legal translations are those:

  • made by qualified translators having taken an oath at the Tribunale (Court) on the accuracy of translation compared to the original text;
  • made by the diplomatic authorities in Italy of the country where the document has been issued;
  • made by the Italian diplomatic authority in the country where the document has been issued ( Nota della Presid. Cons. Ministri, Ufficio Giurdico e del Coord. Legisl. n. 20685/92500 del 15/12/1980).