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Erasmus+: Teaching Staff Mobility
Teaching Staff Mobility

The Erasmus+ programme allows academic University staff and staff from enterprise to carry out teaching activities at a higher education institution holding ECHE (Erasmus University for Higher Education).
Before leaving it is necessary to agree the teaching programme with the host institution. For this activity the length of stay, excluding travel, must be minimum of two days and up to six weeks. The teaching hours shall not be less than 8.

Academic staff coming from partner Institutions can apply directly to the department (academic tutor responsible of the agreement or with the international department coordinator) in which they wish to carry out the teaching activity.

Erasmus+: Staff Training Mobility
Staff Training

The Erasmus+ Programme gives the opportunity to University staff (academic and administrative) to carry out a period of mobility at a higher education institution holding ECHE (Erasmus University for Higher Education) or enterprise located in one of the countries participating in the Erasmus+ Programme. This type of mobility aims at the acquisition of practical skills and learning from good practice.

Visiting Professor Program
Visiting Professor Program

The University of Salerno has launched a  call to select 30 foreign or Italian scholars of high scientific qualification, belonging to non-Italian universities, research or higher education institutions to carry out the following activities:

  • joint research;
  • teaching activities.

Both activities may be included in the proposal, but only one option must be selected when submitting the application, based on the prevailing activity.

The following categories of visits can be proposed:

  • category A: visits for periods equal to 30 days to be carried out continuously;
  • category B: visits for periods equal to 90 days to be carried out continuously.

The category "A" mobility can only be proposed by "outstanding researchers / professors", i.e researchers and professors with an excellent track record and in possession of international recognition for their achievements in  scientific and / or academic field.