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The University of Salerno is very pleased to welcome each year more and more international students wishing to live in an international environment.

In order to be accepted, incoming students must be officially nominated by their home University using the online platform.

Nomination deadlines:

  • 1st / fall semester or full academic year students: 15th June.
  • 2nd / spring semester students:15th  November.

After receiving the nominations, the International Relations Office will check if they are acceptable in accordance with the bilateral agreement and will send an e-mail to the nominated students with the instructions on how to fill in the online application form.

Application Form deadlines:

  • 1st / fall semester or full academic year students: incoming students may apply starting from 15th May to 30th June of each academic year.
  • 2nd / spring semester students: incoming students may apply starting from 15th October to 30th November of each academic year.

Non-EU students

(additional info is included in the section “During your stay”)

According the new procedure implemented by the Italian Ministry of University no EU students granted with a Erasmus + scholarship need to apply for visa through an on line platform, called UNIVERSITALY (

Students need to register first, then select ERASMUS + or other kind of study or traineeship program  in the field called TIPO DOMANDA (Kind of Application), specify the Italian Representative (Embassy/Consulate) in their Country where they will apply for visa and fill in the on line form.

The University of Salerno will accept and validate applications only to students who have completed the application procedure on UNISA platform (Esse3). 

The UNIVERSITALY platform will then generate automatically a letter to be delivered by the candidates to the  Italian Representative abroad.  The Embassy/Consulate will start the procedure to issue the visa only for candidates already accepted by the University.

Before leaving to Italy non-EU students must have:

  • A current passport (valid for the entire study period in Italy);
  • 4 ID photos;
  • A Visa issued by the competent Embassy or Consulate;
  • A copy of a health insurance policy covering them from health and accidents problems for the whole period of stay in Italy. Health insurance bought abroad must be translated into Italian or English and must be validated by the Italian Embassy or Consulate of reference. Students can also buy health insurance upon their arrival in Italy (please see section "Health insurance").

All the above mentioned documents along with other papers detailed in the section "Permit of stay", will enable students to set up the procedure to apply for a residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno), which is compulsory and has to be completed within 8 working days of their arrival in Italy.

The fee for the permit of stay is approximately € 147,00 (including revenue stamp and operating costs)

It is very important for students to go through the procedure of On line Application form following instructions received by email after their official Nomination.

The University of Salerno aims to provide a quality service to incoming students. Meetings for a group of 35 international students are organized. During the meetings students get useful information about their mobility period. They take place for approximately 2 weeks at the beginning of each semester.

In the following link you can see the meetings schedule and select a day to attend the orientation meeting organized by the Office of International Relations: Book the day of the meeting.

The link is available from 15th July for first semester and full academic year students and from 1st December for second semester students.

The University of Salerno organizes Italian language courses for incoming students. The courses will last 50 hours for a total of 5 credits. The credits will be awarded to the student at the end of the course if he/she attends the 70% of the lessons and if she/he passes the final test. 

An entry test will be held to check your Italian language level. To take part in the test you may apply before your arrival through the following link:

Further information on when to apply will be sent by e-mail.

WARNING: the page is under construction, you will receive detailed information about Online Learning Agreement (OLA) as soon as the procedure through EWP will be ready. 

ncoming students may take any course unit offered by the University of Salerno in any Department.

Important note: course units must be chosen among those offered in the academic year in which mobility takes place and they must be included in the Learning Agreement within the established deadlines (course units, course units code and credits must match the Course Catalogue of the University of Salerno so the Learning Agreement can be validated).

To complete your Learning Agreement please visit our Course Catalogue to check course units offered by the University of Salerno and their teaching guides. Do not forget to select the current academic year.

Information about how to reach the University of Salerno and all the Campus facilities is in the Campus Life section.

Upon their arrival, incoming students have to be registered at the International Relations – Erasmus Office (Fisciano Campus- Building B2, ground floor).

The International Relations Office is, through the orientation meetings organized, their first and permanent contact point.

During their mobility period, students are always welcome whenever they have academic, personal or practical difficulties.

Check opening hours and useful contacts here

Private rented rooms

Students will be assisted in finding suitable accommodation in private rented rooms upon their arrival through the International Students’ Associations “AEGEE-Salerno” and “Erasmus Students Network (ESN-Salerno)”

UNISA Halls of Residence

Incoming students may also apply for a room in the on-campus and off-campus Halls of residence. However, a small number of rooms are available for incoming students and accommodation cannot be guaranteed for all applicants.

UNISA Halls of Residence are not managed by the University of Salerno but by a regional public body called Azienda per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario della Regione Campania (ADISURC). The email to ask for information and availability is

Accommodation fees are € 210 monthly per person in a three bedroom flat and € 260 monthly per person in a one bedroom flat (utility bills included).

More info about Residences

Students with EU nationalities

Students with an European Health Insurance Card can directly access the Italian National Health Service (SSN) without paying any subscription. Students may go to the local health autority office Azienda Sanitaria Locale (ASL) Salerno 2 - Distretto Sanitario 66 located in Salerno at Via Vernieri 14 to choose a general practitioner.

Required documents:

  • European Health Insurance Card or other documents that prove that students have health coverage in Italy.
  • Copy of ID-card or passport.
  • Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale). Students may obtain their personal Codice Fiscale at the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia dell'Entrate) located in Via degli Uffici Finanziari, 7, 84131, Salerno.

Also, students may go to the general health centre located at Fisciano Campus for first aid care. This service is free of charge for all incoming students.

Students with non-EU nationalities

For non-EU students it is compulsory to hold a health insurance (or a health insurance payment receipt) in order to apply for the residence permit. They can choose among three alternatives to obtain a health coverage:

1. Purchase a private health insurance in their own country before departure. It is always advisable that the insurance policy is validated by the Italian embassy and translated into Italian or English.

2. Register with the Italian National Service (SSN). This insurance is valid one calendar year (1st  January - 31st December) and costs about € 150,00.

3. Purchase a private health insurance upon arrival in Italy. Usually, students purchase the private insurance offered by the italian postal service "Le poste italiane" and costs about € 60,00.

We strongly advice students to get proper information about what covers every insurance before purchasing it. 

Also, students may go to the general health centre located at Fisciano Campus for first aid care. This service is free of charge for all incoming students.

Within 8 working days upon arrival, non-EU students must apply for a Permit of stay (Permesso di soggiorno) through the Post Office located on Fisciano Campus.

The student association AEGEE-Salerno will assist non-EU students in filling in the application form (the so-called "Kit")

Obtaining the Permit of stay is compulsory and it costs about € 147,00 (including revenue stamp and operating costs).

 Required documents:

  • Copy of all pages of the passport or identity card;
  • Copy of the Visa issued by the Embassy or Consulate;
  • Copy of the insurance policy covering the student from health and accidents problems for the whole period of his/her stay;
  • 4 ID-card/passport size pictures;
  • Lease contract or statement of current residence of the student;
  • Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale). Students may obtain their personal Codice Fiscale at the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia dell'Entrate) located in Via degli Uffici Finanziari, 7, 84131, Salerno.
  • Ambulance service: 118
  • Police: 113
  • Carabinieri: 112
  • Fire brigade: 115

Departmental Coordinators for international mobility

Once registered in the International Relations Office, we strogly recommend incoming students to contact their Departmental coordinator for international mobility for any academic issues. (see the list in the "documentation" at the bottom of this page). 

Learning Agreement

In case of changes of course units, the Learning Agreement can be modified at the beginning of each semester but all changes have to be approved by the student, the sending Institution and the receiving Institution.

Important note: the final version of the Learning Agreement signed by both Institutions has to be delivered to the International Relations – Erasmus Office of the University of Salerno:

  • Deadline 1st semester and full academic year: within 31st October.
  • Deadline 2nd semester: within 31st March.


Exams may be taken at the end of each course in the established period through a written or oral test.
Important note: It is mandatory for students to register online through the Virtual Campus ESSE3 at least ten days before the established exams dates.

Procedure to register for exams:

  • Log in with username and password
  • Choose from the left menu ‘Exam sessions’
  • Follow the instructions
  • Print out the supporting document of the registration to show it during the exam session

 In case of doubts or difficulties, please go to the International Relations Office.

The results of the exams passed are given with a grade based on the national system, where the top grade is 30 and 18 is the passing grade.

University credits (CFU) are equivalent to European credits (ECTS): 1 CFU = 1 ECTS

Course units grade conversion from the Italian education system to the international education system will be carried out individually for each course unit and will be stated in the Transcript of Records issued to the student's home Institution.

The University of Salerno organises Italian language courses (L2) for incoming students. Courses last 50 hours for a total of 5 credits. The credits will be awarded to the student at the end of the course, only if he/she goes to the 70% of the lessons and if he/she passes the final exam.

If students need the credits in their Transcript of Records, they must include the course in the Learning Agreement within the established period. If they do not need the credits, students will be able to follow the course and obtain a final certificate if they pass the exam.

Important note: Students are allowed to get enrolled in only one free course. Students wishing to improve their Italian knowledge may enroll in other courses paying a fee.

More info

Courses are usually organised in two semesters. Semester dates:

1st semester:

  • Starts in September/ October
  • Ends in December/ January
  • Examinations: January/ February/ March (resit examinations)

2nd semester:

  • Starts in February/ March
  • Ends in May/ June
  • Examinations: June/ July/ September (resit examinations)

Most courses last one semester, but there are also courses that last for the whole academic year.

The beginning of each semester may vary depending on each Department. Updated information will be published on their websites.


  • 21st September: Patron Saint of Salerno (San Matteo)
  • 23rd December – 6th January: Christmas break
  • 25th April: Italian Liberation Day
  • 1st May: Labour Day
  • 2nd June: Italian Republic Holiday

The office “Diritto allo Studio” supports students with special needs.

Among their services, we can find: 

  • Assisting sudents to administrative formalities;
  • Preparing teaching supports for students who can not use printed materials;
  • Computer aids and study support;
  • Availability of dedicated equipments and furnishings for classes.

Each department has its own coordinator dealing with disabled students.

More info

Ambassador project (Progetto Ambassador)

During their stay at the University of Salerno, international students may participate in the Progetto Ambassador. Students can be "ambassadors" of their home country, University and higher education system by making a presentation at the orientation day for outgoing Erasmus students of the University of Salerno. The International Relations Office - Erasmus provides them with all necessary instructions to participate.

Students wishing to participate in this project can contact the Office of International Relations through or go to office located in the ground floor of the B2 building.

At the end of their stay and before leaving, incoming students must visit the International Relations – Erasmus Office in order to check all the information about the exams taken and to fill in an evaluation questionnaire about their mobility period.

The Transcript of Records along with other requested documents will be sent directly to the International Relations Office of partner Universities.

Students are required to provide a proper address where to send all documents.

Students are recommended not to book their flight back home the day after their last exam. Sometimes exam dates might change.