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General Health Center

The Center provides first aid and specialist examinations. Specialist care, as comprised in the regional screening, is free for Salerno University students.
Phone: 089 969272

A rescue and emergency transportation service - made possible by an agreement between the University and the Italian Red Cross - has been active since June 4, 2014 (hours: 8:00 am to 07:00 pm, Monday to Friday).

Counseling Center

The “Michele Cesaro” Counseling Center has the following objectives:

  • providing professional help to students experiencing personal difficulties that might hinder the achievement of academic goals;
  • listening to and providing support for students with difficulties in inter - personal relationships and problems of social integration (due, for example, to disability and / or socio-cultural disadvantage) in order to improve self-knowledge and interpersonal and communication skills;
  • helping students in stressful situations to identify the source of their unease and develop adaptation strategies;
  • supporting students experiencing problems with a course of study that does not really fit their interests and motivations, in order to possibly reformulate choices and objectives;
  • activating a methodological support, in order to stimulate a student’s ability to find a personal study method that enables them to better process the subject-matters;
  • promoting the integration of all disabilities and diversities.

Center for diagnosis, study and treatment of autism and generalized multisystemic development disorders

With reference to the aforementioned issues, the GEMS Center (Centro per la Diagnosi, lo Studio e il Trattamento dell’Autismo e dei Disturbi Generalizzati e Multisistemici dello Sviluppo), in collaboration with ASL (Local Health Authority) Salerno, is responsible for:

  • Diagnostics
  • Medical reference
  • Research
  • Monitoring
  • Training.
General Health CenterGeneral Health CenterGeneral Health Center