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The University Center for Orientation and Mentoring (Centro di Ateneo per l’Orientamento e il Tutorato - CAOT), which is related to the Office for the Right to Education, has multiple objectives. They include: fostering well thought-out choices regarding the student’s university career; offering practical tools during the course of study; facilitating graduates’ entry into the world of work. In order to carry out actions to ensure the continuity between school and university, fruitful relations have been established with about 450 secondary schools from the University’s catchment area. Orientation and mentoring have been upgraded by projects funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The CAOT supervises many initiatives and provides useful services to students.


The “UnisaOrienta” initiative is organized on an annual basis in collaboration with the University departments. The event, which consists of workshops and seminars for the presentation of the courses’ educational objectives and employment opportunities, enables a large number of students to  get a comprehensive and well documented picture of the educational opportunities provided by the University. The event includes School/University seminars introducing high school teachers, faculty deans, directors of teaching boards, department heads and orientation delegates. In its tenth edition, the 2014 event has involved approximately 11,000 students and 400 teachers from the secondary schools of the University’s catchment area.

Offsite Orientation

The Center participates in important events organized by public bodies and high schools of the University’s catchment area.

Fridays on Campus

The initiative, which takes place all year round in collaboration with the University offices and departments, is designed to enable high school students and teachers to take a guided tour through the sites and resources of the Fisciano campus. Following the visit, a meeting is scheduled with the CAOT staff and the orientation delegates of the single degree courses. In the academic year 2013-2014, 25 high schools have been involved in the initiative, with a total of approximately 1,500 students.

Information desk

The Center provides reception and assistance services throughout the year for freshmen, current, and departing students.

Online self-evaluation test

The self-evaluation test for aptitudes, motivation and personal skills (available on the website www.orientamento.unisa.it/testonline) is designed to give enrolling students useful elements to a path of self-knowledge. Developed in 2005, the test has been taken by about 50,000 students.

Multimedia library for orientation

The CAOT features a large collection of orientation reading materials.

Collaboration with Interuniversity Consortium “Almalaurea”

The CAOT, in collaboration with the University Statistical Office, analyzes and reports the activities of the consortium with particular reference to the data provided in the “Report on the graduates’ profile” and the “Survey on employment opportunities”.

Production of orientation materials

The Center supplies a variety of information materials and develops, on an annual basis, the University Guide, in which the courses and services provided at the Fisciano and Baronissi campuses are presented. The Guide is handed out at all events concerning Orientation.

www.orientamento.unisa.it (in italian)