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Born in September 2007 from the project “Unyonair Radio24 - Il Sole 24 Ore”, Unis@und webradio can now rely on about 50 young people broadcasting live 40 hours a week, and a music schedule which airs 24 hours a day. The current programming alternates news slots by journalists working at the Office for the Relations with the University Press and Promotion, with an extensive musical programming by the University in partnership with Musicateneo. Unis@und, as the official radio of Salerno University, aims at adopting radio as an educational, formative, and cultural tool. Radio broadcasting is joined by the Rewind service, the recording of audio- video conferences, seminars, events, workshops and lectures on Campus, with the following release on the Unis@und website’s media gallery.

In order to access the University web radio, one must connect to (in italian)
To contact the staff and apply for participation, write to:



As of May 2010, Salerno University has had a new communication tool intended for the Campus and the surrounding area: a webTv channel that gives space to events on Campus, regional and national news slots, thematic programmes and regular broadcasts. The channel is intended as a new, advanced medium to inform large audiences. It combines with already existing community and social network tools to strengthen the link between the Campus community of students, teachers and administrative staff. The web TV is connected with services run in partnership with Clever TV. With an initial coverage of 36 monitors (46 inches) and a high-definition video wall, divided into 6 circuits and distributed in all the general areas of the Campus, Salerno University was the first in Italy to give birth to its own TV company. It has a one-hour daily programming which is repeated 14 times.
For more information about UTV, connect to: (in italian)