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Great potential and unexpected attractions based on culture, history, the environment, archaeology, art, and food and wine are springing up in the setting of Campania’s most extensive tourist offer which is to be found in the area of the province of Avellino: Irpinia. A visit to Irpinia means travelling through a province that is one of the most beautiful in Italy and that is home to Italy’s finest features: monuments, churches, traditional food and wine, and natural parks.Irpinia is the heart of Campania.The region is just at thirty-minute drive from Naples Capodichino airport and has a wide range of accommodation facilities, delicious local delicacies and Campanian excellence in the production of three DOCG wines (Taurasi, Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino).
Thanks to its efficient road network,in just half an hour it is possible to reach all the other provinces of Campania: Benevento, Caserta, Naples and Salerno. Irpinia has been a thoroughfare between theTyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic Seas since ancient times.
Upper Irpinia also has the advantage of sitting between the Roman roads of Via Traiana and the Regina Viarum. Traces of the most ancient presences can still be seen today, from the prehistoric age to the Samnite era,as well as those in the Roman and medieval times.The regional capital of Irpinia is the city of Avellino, which is situated at the centre of a system of parks of great environmental and scenic importance, thanks to their high level of biodiversity: the park of Partenio, the park of the Picentini Mountains, setup at the beginning of this century, as well as the recently established natural park of Pizzo Alvano – Valle Lauro.
Irpinia has several aspects that are capable of attracting an alternative type of tourism, whilst at the same time complementing tourism on the coast and in Naples. The unique features of tourism in Irpinia meet the increasingly widespread demands of travellers who are interested in quality of life, excellence and authentic local traditions. The peacefulness, tranquillity, orderliness, excellent hospitality, first-rate food and wine,and the warm welcome from the hospitable locals make this area stand out. It is a province of Italy that is still to be truly discovered: Irpinia. Land of surprises!

Photo by Giuseppe Famiglietti (Own Work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons