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Irno Valley

The University Campus is situated in the Irno Valley in the Salerno province. The Department of Medicine is located in Baronissi while all other fifteen departments of the University are in Fisciano.

The Irno Valley extending in the north of Salerno and borders the southern Irpinia. It takes its name from the river that cross the valley and flows into the Gulf of Salerno. The viability of the Valley is ensured by the State Road 88 that runs through the center of many little towns and the motorway 2 that ensures fast flow.

The Irno Valley is surrounded by the beautiful Picentini Mountains. The Valley includes many municipalities of the two provinces including Baronissi, Bracigliano, Calvanico, Fisciano, Mercato San Severino, Montoro Inferiore, Montoro Superiore, Pellezzano and Siano.

The territory of Irno Valley is full of evidence of a rich past. Historic churches, aqueducts, castles and ancient villas highlight the ancient presence of Etruscan, Roman and Norman populations.

In the more recent past, the Valley has hosted major manufacturing industries. Today its economy is mainly driven by the furniture sector and hospitality industry.

The presence of the University of Salerno has certainly contributed to the development of the surrounding territory, especially in the advanced services sector.

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