Photovoltaic Park

Campus Photovoltaic Park

The campus of Fisciano and Baronissi occupy a total area of one million three hundred thousand square meters, of which one hundred thousand are covered. This involves a huge consumption of electric and thermal energy.

To cope with such consumption were implemented various measures to support the production of energy from renewable sources and to make the campus partially autonomous.

Photovoltaic roofs, solar thermal, cogeneration and solar cooling. Currently University autoproduce about 30% of its energy needs.

This has been achieved thanks to the installation of 21 systems axis solar trackers to 12 panels that generate more than 200 kW, and with the remaining plants with very high efficiency modules are an area of nearly 7000 square meters between the campus of Fisciano and Baronissi, for an expected production of about 1.5 million KWh. In the framework of the project is also part the communication campaign aimed at E = mc² raise awareness on the issues of energy saving and eco-sustainability.

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