UNISA On The Air

Wi-Fi UNISA On The Air


Unisa On The Air is part of the project "ICT4 University Wifi sud" co-financed by the Department for Innovation and Technologies of the President of the Council of Ministers and carried out in conjunction with CRUI.

Wireless access to the university network, via radio waves, allows highly flexible and mobile access not only to the resources of the university network but to the internet, free of charge, in order to guarantee the development of digital communication. This network, apart from private use, simplifies every aspect of university life from bureaucratic procedures (e.g course and exam enrollment, payment of university fees), to teaching and administrative services and connection with the university communities on line. This Wi-Fi service aims to develop new methods of communication between the university and its users for the provision of essential services based on the ability to connect all over the campus, with broadband freely available.

In order to provide its users with better resources for Internet access, the University of Salerno has joined the Federation Eduroam.